Common Fears People Have About Couples Therapy

Common Fears People Have About Couples Therapy

Common Fears People Have About Couples Therapy

The thought of going for couples’ therapy in Orlando makes a lot of people afraid and fills them with a feeling of failure. A lot of people picture couples therapy as a time where each partner blames the other for what may be wrong with the relationship and some professional offers unrealistic solutions while meddling in their personal business.

The reality is far from it and most people have unfounded fears about counseling which makes them not to see the benefits that it can have on their relationship. Here are some of the biggest fears where couples in distress shy away from couples’ therapy in Orlando.

  1. Fear of being judged

    The reality is that a couple therapist has probably heard anything you want to say and has come to recognise similar patterns of behaviour among most couples. This means that it is unlikely that you are experiencing something ground breaking or unheard of. Couples’ therapy in Orlando is generally filled with openness and understanding without anybody imposing a view on you.

  2. Fear of no viable solution to your problems

    Most of the times, you don’t even need a solution to your problem. Relationship problems that lead to couples’ therapy in Orlando typically do not require a Band-Aid solution. During couples’ therapy, you are given a means of expression and communication with an expert that will lead to you finding ways to solve your problems your own way. It may even be something you already thought of but requiring a different, more effective approach.

  3. Fear of not being understood

    Most therapists are helpful and are there to help you succeed and be happy in your relationship. No matter how hurt or broken you feel that you are, couples’ therapy in Orlando is there to help you improve your relationship in a healthy, sustainable way. The therapist will also help you to come to terms with your issues and find a way to help you deal with them.

  4. Fear of being subjected to degrading exercises

    There will be activities that are needed in a couples therapy session to help you to unwind and get out of your comfort zone. You may not like them and the reality is that you are free to let the therapist know that you don’t. Most therapists have a myriad of styles and methods to help you relax and all you need to do is tell that what you want to make them help you to relax. You also will never be pressured to do what you don’t want to do or any activity that feels strange to you.

You don’t need to fear couples’ therapy in Orlando. They are there to help you develop into a better partner in your relationship and better understand yourself. All you need to do is open yourself to the possibilities and you will be sure to benefit from seeing a professional about your relationship issues.

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