Best tips to follow to help a suicidal person

Best tips to follow to help a suicidal person

Best tips to follow to help a suicidal person

There are a lot of people who are on the brink of committing suicide who need to go for counseling in Orlando. Suicide is one of the most dreaded topics which people try as much as possible not to talk about. A lot of people have it in mind to put an end to their own lives but are looking for the right time to go through with it. According to the World Health Organization, suicide statistics stand at one death every 40 seconds. This is high, and something has to be done. We, as friends, family or neighbors of other people, should do the best we can to make sure no one close to us goes through with taking their own lives. With counseling in Orlando too, a lot of suicidal notions could be averted.

A person who wants to take his or her own life wouldn't say it out loud that they are about to commit suicide. It is up to the people close to that person to look out for possible signs and act on it. It is important to also point out the most prevalent reason for suicide – mental illness. So, what can be done to bring this societal menace to its knees?

Understanding the common signs of a suicidal person

  • Constant feeling of overwhelming sadness.
  • Always alone and isolated from people.
  • Always talking with a tone of finality and not willing to do anything to change the way things are.
  • Constant talks about giving up.
  • Overly reckless.
  • Preparing for suicide and not being around.

What can be done?

1. Don't judge them

Remember, this is the human life we are talking about. So you should never make them feel judged. They already know what is going on in their lives, they understand their fears, they have weighed their options and have already concluded that they have no business being in the world anymore. Your job should be to make them feel comfortable talking about their fears and worries. If you must do anything, all you should do is listen and make them feel loved. Let them know they have a purpose in life and they will be missed if they are not around. Don't interrupt them, don't fight, don't make their worry seem less than they feel it is. You just might save a life.

2. Help them get professional help.

Many people have no idea how much counseling in Orlando can do to prevent a person from committing suicide. Sometimes, being a shoulder to lean on may not be enough. Go the professional way; link them up with an agency that provides counseling in Orlando such as the Orlando Thrive Therapy. Offer to go with them for sessions and be with them all the way.

3. Assist them in making positive changes to their life

Other than going for counseling in Orlando, it is important that life as it is worth living for them. In other words, they need to have something they would want to live for. Get them better ways to express their thoughts, push them to engage in physical activities, get them a gym membership. A healthy lifestyle will produce a healthy mind.

4. Don't go too hard on yourself to cure them.

The first things you will do to help a suicidal person is only because of the human part of you. It is not because you are an expert. The real work of getting them cured is going the medical way, getting enrolled in counseling in Orlando and eventually making them see a reason why life must continue.

Help is available for those who seek for it. At Orlando Thrive Therapy, counseling in Orlando for suicidal individuals has never been easier. Simply call 407-592-8997 to book a consultation session.

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