Are You with the Right Counselor?

Are You with the Right Counselor?

Are You with the Right Counselor?

The goal of this article is to help clients pick a counselor who will be most effective. As in all cases in life, no one person is the right match for every client or situation. Most counselors in Orlando specialize in certain areas. So that is a good start. Find a counselor who marks themselves as being well versed in your particular area of need. Many counselors offer a free consultation. That is a good time to see if they meet your needs and are equipped to help you. The other approach is to read their web page and see if it matches what you are looking for.

I believe the most important part of all therapy is that the Counselor you pay your money to see is grounded in common sense, empathy, and experience. That experience should include education, face to face time with clients, and a life that backs up what they 'preach'. This is not a popular thing to say in my field. That is to say, most view counseling as 90% Science and 10% art. I would say it is 60% art, 25% Science, and 15% common sense. That being said, true art is born of pain and experience. So having a counselor who has developed their practice with that in mind is probably more likely to understand your pain and have real time empathy.

We each have a unique personality. That is true of clients and counselors in Orlando. It is therefore likely that there are counselors who just don't fit your needs. That doesn't mean the counselor is not skilled at what they do. It means that the dynamic between you is off. So I would tell you to go into the first session with a counselor more concerned with how you interact in the session. See if you feel comfortable with the counselor and see how they interact with you. Does it seem to be a fit?

The biggest caveat to all of this can be summed up in one phrase. Counseling is not always comfortable. If you are seeking pleasure or just comfort, going to a counselor is probably a waste of your time. You need to step out of your comfort zone often in therapy and a good counselor will take you to that place. It should be done with compassion and tact, but it very often needs to be done. Please do not use what I am writing as an excuse to shy away from pain. Facing pain is part of therapy. It is a chance for you to gain insight, courage, and ultimately it will help you gain your life back.

There is an unwritten rule for counselors. 'Don't talk about yourself'. That is a rule that has great intentions and is a solid rule for the most part. I would add that when you first meet your counselor you ask about their background. See how open they are about it. I would say humility is a quality in high demand in the business. A sense of compassion is often only compared to the level of humility a counselor has.

I hope this short bit of information helps you find the right counselor. Remember one thing please. Hope is always important. This is something that needs to grow day by day and you are more responsible for this than any counselor in Orlando. The counselor should help this process, but it is up to you to fight for that hope everyday.

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