New Year’s Resolutions Made Easy! Orlando Psychology Major Gives Advice

New Year’s Resolutions Made Easy!

Orlando Psychology Major Gives Advice

New Year’s Resolutions Made Easy!

With any New Year, most people are being more mindful of their flaws and are coming up with resolutions for the new year. Most people choose this time of year to create goals and resolutions to achieve throughout the new year. These resolutions include but are not limited to, losing weight, eating healthier, exercising more often, practicing better time management, being more mindful of others, using technology less, and following a daily routine. However, I’m sure you’ve learned throughout the years that achieving the goals you set are not as easy as setting them. How many times have you set a goal for yourself and then didn’t go through with it? Probably more than you should have, right? That’s probably because you didn’t take the time to sit down and plan properly. Achieving a goal requires a proper action plan and follow through. In order to achieve the goals you set you need to focus on the actual goals, making sure they are achievable, creating an action plan to achieve them, and a follow up plan!

When setting a goal, it usually requires you to look more deeply at your life.

The most common goals are the goals set for self improvement.

  1. People mostly focus on changing bad habits and being healthier.
  2. The number one rule when deciding what goals you set for yourself, is to make sure that the goals are realistic. You must ask yourself, what are your hopes for the future? What do you wish to experience? Are there any relationships you’d like to improve? How would you like to improve your health, mentally and physically? Make sure the goals you are choosing are realistic, achievable and positive. For example, instead of want to be less annoying, strive to be more mindful and calm. Instead of striving to eat less junk food, strive to eat more healthier foods. Keep in mind that these goals should be as defined as can be, meaning instead of saying, “I want to be happier” define what happier means to you and include ways to achieve it.
  3. The second rule when it comes to goal setting is making sure you don’t set too many! Just like setting realistic goals, you must also set a realistic amount. Wouldn’t you rather set one or two goals, and achieve them, rather than set six to ten goals, and not being able to achieve any? If you overwhelm yourself, and chew off more than you can swallow, you are more like to fail at the goals you set. Once you have thought more deeply about your life, write down all the things that came to mind and then pick one or two things you are really motivated to change or improve on.
  4. Make an action plan to make these resolutions possible. Decide what steps you have already taken to achieve these goals, and what steps are left to take in order to really, fully achieve them.
  5. Create a way to measure your progress with these goals; perhaps creating a journal is a good place to start.

Once you have decided all of this it’s time to create your support system. Having a good support system to help you power through is a key factor to successfully achieving your goals. Surround yourself with people who support you and help you stay motivated. Not to mention, making your goals public is a sure fire way to stay motivated. Since everyone knows your goals, it keeps you motivated to stay on track so you don’t have to admit to everyone that you failed later on. (This article was contributed by Ashley Campo, UCF Psychology and Counseling Student)

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