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Individual Counseling Orlando

Happiness Matters

Individual Counseling Orlando

Individual counseling Orlando supports happiness. Many people lose sight of what truly makes them happy. They spend much of the time in a “fog,” going through motions or activities that don’t actual fulfill their inner selves. Finding happiness can be an on-going quest for many people. Filling days with activities or planned events can become a state of survival. The search for finding happiness with these things becomes comfortable and routinely familiar, but often does not last for long. The moments bring happiness, but it is not sustainable. They might even be driven by the needs of others which can bring about feelings of emptiness or sadness.

Individual counseling Orlando

Signs of “fog” happiness

  1. Mental fatigue that starts when you wake up. A sense of dread even before you get out of bed only to be lessened when you’re reminded of something you get to do that day.
  2. A feeling of going through motions without truly experiencing joy, happiness, or a sense of freedom to embrace the experience.
  3. A searching or need to keep planning more and more events to fill your time, have things to look forward to, or to feel moments of happiness.
  4. A calendar that is filled excessively with activities and things to do. Perhaps as a way to avoid the emptiness that often sets in when you don’t have something going on.
  5. No true sense of purpose in life outside of your “roles.” If you weren’t “mother” “friend” “worker” “wife” “boyfriend” “dad” then what would you be?
  6. No real sense of where your life is heading. A lack of a true understanding of actually knowing what you want from your life. The legacy you want to leave, the experience you truly want to get from it, and the feelings you really want to take away from it all seem to be hard for you to visualize.

Take a moment to look over this list. Sit down with yourself and ask yourself how many of these things you feel on a daily basis. If you come up with a high number, my advice is to seek help. Find a mental health counselor that can be your true support and help you find the meaning in your life and reach the authentic happiness you desperately deserve.

How can you foster true happiness again?

With daily practices you will begin to see that finding happiness even after events or stages of life are over, can be achieved by maintaining a sense of internal purpose and fulfillment.

  • Take a step back and evaluate who you have become.

    Are you living by your own standards, values, goals? Are you continuing to make time for the things you enjoy? Do you take time to evaluate your life goals and if you have been putting effort into accomplishing them or have you put them on hold for while? If so, why? Staying on track with where you are in your own life journey, regardless of those around you, helps you maintain your sense of identity and individuality.

  • Exploring those parts of your personality that make you feel a sense of pride, accomplishment, and peace.

    What moments bring you those feelings which are driven by you and not external influences? When do they happen now and when did they happen in the past? Find ways to incorporate more of those moments into your life.

  • Take time daily for reflection.

    Create a space in your life that gives you hope and purpose for your future. Are there places you want to travel, educational goals you’d like to achieve, self-care goals that you’re aiming for? Whatever the case may be, keep your eye on those steps you can implement regularly to achieve those goals. Most importantly, if you’re plan doesn’t seem to be working, then change it. Do not let failures cause you to retreat back into the fog.

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