What to Expect from Counseling

What to Expect from Counseling

What to Expect from Counseling

Beginning therapy and counseling is a huge step. A step toward the development and recovery that can lead to a better life. Thinking about taking the treatment journey can sometimes be scary and uncertain. Although each journey is diverse and yours will be memorable, they all have similarities.

So you may have discovered a few therapists or counselors for individual therapy in Orlando that seem like a good fit. However, you likely still have questions about what the treatment journey will entail, which is normal.

Frequency of counseling sessions

Working with your therapist weekly, in the beginning, might help you to get more from counseling. Of course, each individual will want to attend therapy for a different number of sessions, but consistently working on enhancing your life helps. Also, committing yourself is worth it and may help you hang in there.

After finishing an assessment with your therapist, you can begin to dig into your emotions, beliefs, and how you react to them as you work toward your objective. As you are comfortable, your therapist will inspire you to communicate how you feel about what is transpiring and how your mind and body respond to these feelings. Next, the clinician may ask you to complete homework to identify further when the ideas and reactions are getting in your way. Leaning into your homework can be an act of self-love as you get more in touch with yourself.

Learning new skills and wisdom during counseling

At times the counselor will teach you some strategies you may test to decrease how the emotions, ideas, and responses get in the way. It may be through practicing something during a session and asking you to attempt it outside the therapy room. Other times it might be a worksheet. Processing how this exercise helped or didn't can help you discover if this method was helpful or if you need to examine a different skill with your provider. These skills and approaches help build your toolbox. A toolbox specially developed for you that you will keep with you every day, particularly when therapy ends.

Considering what skills to adopt can be stressful, and you may feel unsure if they fit. However, this can be an excellent time to process these reflections and emotions with your therapist. Staying in distress may help you understand what works best for you and what doesn't. It can also provide you the success that gives you the certainty you will require when you embark on a more significant task.

Experiencing rough patches during counseling

It is common to feel optimistic about your recovery in the beginning and then, in a few sessions, feel like things could be proceeding better. Once you begin working on yourself, it might take some time and skill-building during sessions before you feel closer to your ideal you. It can seem like an overwhelming journey. Hang in there and be as empathetic to yourself as your can. Growing causes pain, and giving up during this portion of your healing may deprive you of valuable insights into where the emotions are coming from. On the other hand, this wisdom may propel you to recovery in a way you never suspected you could. Your counselor may help you learn to do some relaxing and compassionate things for yourself.

We hope this helps you understand what to expect from counseling. Contact us if you need individual therapy in Orlando. We want to help you live your best life!

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