Unhealed Past Wounds and Their Impact on Relationships

Unhealed Past Wounds and Their Impact on Relationships

Unhealed Past Wounds and Their Impact on Relationships

Unresolved past wounds can have a detrimental effect on relationships. These wounds might be from childhood trauma, loss, or other hardships. If the wounds are left to fester, they can manifest in destructive behavior that can lead to a breakdown of trust and communication in relationships. In order to avoid this outcome, it is important to be aware of these unresolved issues and take steps to address them before they cause any further damage. Marriage counseling is one way to do just that—deal with these issues in a healthy and productive manner.

What Causes Unhealed Past Wounds?

Often times, unhealed past wounds are created through negative experiences such as traumatic events, abuse, neglect, abandonment or other forms of mistreatment. These experiences can leave individuals feeling helpless and powerless which can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety that will linger long after the event has passed. As time passes, these unresolved issues can begin to affect all aspects of their life including their relationships with others.

The Impact of Unhealed Past Wounds

Unhealed past wounds often manifest themselves in our current relationships in the form of poor communication skills, avoidance behaviors, distrusting attitudes or even aggression towards our loved ones. This type of behavior can erode trust within a relationship and create an environment where it is difficult for both parties involved to feel safe expressing themselves without fear of judgement or criticism.  It also prevents us from forming meaningful connections with others which leads us feeling lonely and isolated despite being among those we love most.

Marriage Counseling Can Help You Heal

If you find yourself struggling with unhealed past wounds that are impacting your relationship with your partner or spouse, marriage counseling may be beneficial for you both. At Orlando Thrive Therapy we provide couples counseling services designed specifically for those who are looking for help dealing with unresolved issues from their pasts so that they can move forward together in a healthy and productive way. Our highly trained counselors understand how difficult it can be to work through these types of issues but strive to provide an environment where couples feel comfortable communicating openly and honestly about their feelings so that progress can be made towards resolving any underlying issues at hand.

No matter what kind of experience has caused you pain in the past, it is important to understand how it could potentially impact your current relationship if left unchecked. Taking proactive steps such as marriage counseling can help alleviate some of the stress associated with working through these tough topics so that you and your partner can move forward together without fear or reservation. If you are looking for professional help dealing with unhealed past wounds please contact Orlando Thrive Therapy today – We look forward to helping you!

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