The “Growth Mindset”

The “Growth Mindset”

The “Growth Mindset”

The way that we speak about things can ultimately become our reality. Ask yourself, is my way of thinking going to help me or hinder me moving forward?

What does a growth mindset mean? The growth mindset essentially is focused on the way we view any potential challenges or setbacks. When faced with any situation, the way we speak and think about it can influence the outcome. To help build a growth mindset we need to address challenges head-on with an open mind and an open heart, without that we find ourselves in what would be considered a fixed mindset.

A fixed mindset typically avoids any challenges especially when things get hard and believe that things are either inherently good or inherently bad without the ability to learn new skills.

When things don't work, it is reasonable to get upset when we are faced with a challenge. However, what is important and what is going to make a difference in the outcome, is how we proceed after our initial reaction. Here are some phrases to use that can help encourage a growth mindset.

Instead of thinking:                                                      Try this instead:
I give up                                                                         I’ll try a different way
I can’t do this                                                                 I don’t know how to do this yet
I failed                                                                            Mistakes are how I learn
It’s too hard                                                                    This may take some time
I don’t know how                                                            I can learn how

Next time you find yourself in a position where you are challenged and you find yourself engaging in a negative dialogue, try to show yourself some kindness and patience by using any of the previous statements instead. After you've been able to apply those statements take an internal scan and see how you feel about the situation. The more that you practice this type of cognitive reframing, the better you will feel when faced with difficulties.

Rise above any circumstance, for GROWTH, EMPOWERMENT, and better QUALITY of life!
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