What to Expect from Trauma Treatment

What to Expect from Trauma Treatment

What to Expect from Trauma Treatment

Visualize a mountain range. You've been told that there is a beautiful valley on the other side. You determine that you need to get to this tranquil, calm, and safe valley. So you prepare and set off to traverse the perilous mountain range. It's a challenging journey, and even after you reach the top of the largest mountain, you discover there are still some smaller ones beyond it. You want to quit but keep pushing, resolved to get to the valley on the other side.

Therapists specializing in EMDR therapy in Orlando often tell their clients who attend therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that treatment is largely like traversing a mountain range. The valley is a version of life where you've evolved from your traumatic history and feel unburdened by its grasp. The valley is the security of a secure, more peaceful life.

During Trauma Therapy, We Apply This Technique

The first mountains we traverse in trauma counseling are items like guaranteeing you are physically safe, building confidence between therapist and patient, and psychoeducation to help you learn more about how the trauma has influenced your life. You will also discover relaxation techniques that you can begin using instantly to help you manage your PTSD symptoms. Then, when you are ready, a therapist will guide you over the tallest mountain, which incorporates examining your trauma more directly. When you reach the pinnacle of that mountain, you'll feel relief and have your gaze on the valley ahead of you. However, there will be a few small mountains left to ascend, like residual anxiety, boosting your self-confidence, or contesting unhelpful automatic thoughts and core beliefs you've grabbed onto.

Your therapist will provide motivation, acceptance, and a safe space throughout your journey. We acknowledge the power of counseling because we've witnessed people recovering from PTSD. It is powerful to watch people heal and find a way forward after being held back by their past. Nothing is more rewarding than partnering with somebody as they discover their valley.

Are all trauma treatments the same?

Excellent question, and the response is no. There are various evidence-based treatments available, several of which we present at our office, including Prolonged Exposure (PE), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), Mindfulness training, therapy for children, and sand tray work (usually an element of another type of therapy). In addition, there are other therapies for PTSD, including Somatic Experiencing (SE) for grown-ups and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT) for more youthful clients. It's critical to note that every individual's experience is distinct, so your therapist will adjust any therapy you select to meet your individual needs.

If you are curious about trauma counseling or feel like PTSD manifestations like nightmares, fear, negative thoughts, intrusive beliefs, etc., are stopping you from living your life to the fullest, contact us, and we'll pair you with a therapist who can assist you on your journey to healing.

Contact us through our website today to meet with one of our trauma therapists for a free consultation. So let's start getting over this mountain and out of the tunnel today with EMDR therapy in Orlando.

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