Understanding Emotional Trauma

Understanding Emotional Trauma

Understanding Emotional Trauma

Mental health is as serious as physical health. Mental health is more significant than most people recognize, and it's essential to comprehend this if you hope to heal. An illustration of this is that numerous people think they can manage adverse mental health symptoms independently. However, emotional trauma is challenging to manage and demands the assistance of mental health professionals. You need to comprehend what emotional trauma is so you can understand your problems and discover a way to heal.

What is emotional trauma?

When individuals think of trauma, they often picture people who struggle with conditions like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. You may believe that you don't require assistance since you haven't been to war or in life-threatening circumstances. However, trauma is distinct for everybody. Your experiences might be traumatic for you even when they aren't for somebody else, and vice versa. Emotional trauma is the trauma you experience that significantly restricts your life or pleasure in life. Instances of emotional trauma can include:

  • Encountering neglect or abuse in your childhood
  • Being the victim of verbal abuse in your relationships
  • Seeing a traumatic incident
  • Being a target of bullying

All of these issues can impact your emotional development, and they can hamper your self-esteem. Similarly, emotional trauma can lead to more severe disorders like anxiety. When you encounter these kinds of trauma, you might be unable to maintain healthy connections. This is why it's essential to understand emotional trauma and how to overpower it.

What are emotional trauma and codependency?

An immediate illustration of how emotional trauma can usher in relationship problems is when you have issues with codependency. Being codependent can personify a combination of different patterns. For example, you may discover that you cannot be satisfied unless your significant other, kid, or companions are happy. In other circumstances, you might hold somebody back from getting well because you require someone to rely on you.

This is why it's so crucial to identify if you struggle with these problems so you can obtain the help you need. Individual trauma therapy can help you understand the root of the issue and why you have these problems. From here, a licensed therapist can show you solutions and coping techniques to start enhancing your life. You'll begin to see that you can have much more beneficial relationships with the individuals in your life and with yourself.

Finding Help

Our experts on EMDR therapy specialize in helping individuals recognize and overcome their emotional trauma. We have a group of caring, empathetic individuals who are here to support you as you begin on the path toward healing. Whether you're a victim of childhood trauma or have been in abusive relationships, we can support you. Some of the assistance we offer here includes:

  • Anxiety therapy
  • EMDR therapy
  • Somatic therapy

Start healing today by contacting us to set an appointment with an expert on emotional trauma and EMDR therapy in Orlando. We are here to help you live your best life.

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