Uncomfortable Anxiety

Uncomfortable Anxiety

Uncomfortable Anxiety

Anxiety therapists in Orlando continue to dedicate a vast majority of their therapeutic care and practice to learn more about what triggers anxiety. The reason that professionals continue to research this question is due to it being a common theme among those seeking anxiety therapy in Orlando. An underlying principle that has been noticed is that an individual’s anxiety can be triggered by a stimulus, (trigger event or action)that causes a high level of uncomfortability for the person. No one desires to feel a high level of stress or uncomfortability. Therefore, our brain's response is to send our prefrontal cortex into immediate action to figure out how to effectively cope.

How to Cope with Anxiety Triggers

The correlation between anxiety and emotions, in regards to how they work with one another, is also something anxiety therapists in Orlando are trained to answer. When involved in active therapeutic care, many individuals can identify with about sixty percent of the overall emotions humans experience. These emotions are usually experienced with fear, nervousness, and worry along with similarly related emotions that may be hidden. The reasoning behind this uncomfortable feeling associated with certain emotions is that a triggering stimulus had occurred. Anxiety therapists in Orlando suggest incorporating the question, “What am I feeling” into your internal dialogue when feeling uncomfortable. By asking yourself this question, it can assist in uncovering what your triggers are, to move forward in working past them.

Types of Anxiety Therapy

Multiple methods of therapeutic care are used by Orlando anxiety counselors to assess and treat triggers of anxiety. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a commonly used therapy for treating uncomfortable triggers and anxiety. CBT is used to assist in altering the way one thinks about a certain event, to produce positive behavior changes. Anxious triggers tend to catastrophize the uncomfortable feelings, this is where CBT and Orlando anxiety therapy experts are there to help. A relatively new but breakthrough form of therapy that is another great option for anxiety associated with uncomfortable stimuli is Choice Theory. This assists by treating the individual as the focal point and teaches them how to focus on the controllable factors surrounding the positive reality the person desires. It can be challenging to understand what your triggers are, but anxiety therapy is a great way to foster a stronger relationship with yourself. The uncomfortability associated with anxiety does not have to control how you think and feel. Reach out to an Orlando anxiety therapist to help turn the uncomfortable, comfortable.

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