Overcoming the Fear of Therapy

Overcoming the Fear of Therapy

Overcoming the Fear of Therapy

Psychotherapy is an effective mental health treatment that can lead to lasting changes and insights. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for individuals with mental health challenges to stop showing up to therapy before their problems have been resolved or avoid treatment altogether. Fear is one of the many reasons individuals may choose to avoid individual therapy in Orlando. You may be scared to uncover the pain that has been buried and deal with your feelings, or you may fear being diagnosed with a mental illness. Many people are also fearful of trusting a counselor to hear what is happening in their lives or worried the therapist would try to control the feelings they are experiencing or the actions they are taking. Experts offer the following information on overcoming the fear of therapy:

Fearing a mental illness diagnosis.

It is common for people to be reluctant to discuss mental health symptoms with a physician or avoid seeking help from a therapist for symptoms like unpredictable mood swings, prolonged sadness, or excessive fear. There is a stigma often associated with mental illness diagnosis, so people often worry about others' reactions if they seek treatment. The problem with this is that mental illness symptoms can be debilitating and affect your functioning ability in your daily life. In addition, symptoms often worsen over time without professional treatment. Speaking with a mental health professional or physician offers you the opportunity to understand what causes your symptoms and develop a plan that can help eliminate or reduce them dramatically.

Fear of dealing with feelings.

It is common for individuals to avoid seeing a therapist because they believe it will be challenging to explore things that have happened to them in the past or to feel unpleasant and overwhelming emotions. Our society often encourages avoidant behaviors like using street drugs or alcohol or binge-watching television shows to avoid or block out feelings. It is essential to be aware that blocking out emotions can increase stress levels and eventually cause physical issues like intestinal disorders, autoimmune disorders, headaches, and insomnia.

Avoidance of emotions doesn't work forever, and seeing a therapist is an effective tool to learn new strategies and coping skills. Talking about your feelings and thoughts with a person who supports you can be extremely helpful, and therapy providers are well trained to assist you in working through unhealthy or unpleasant thought processes. In addition, the best therapist will help you make positive changes in your lifestyle and feel like you are cared about.

The fear of allowing a therapist to control you.

It is not uncommon for patients to assume a power imbalance during therapy that allows a therapist to have more control and strength over the process than they do. This often leads to fear of relinquishing control in their lives and resistance to treatment. Therapists do not want to take control of your life. Instead, their focus is on empowering you to work through your issues and providing you with tools like coping skills and other techniques that make managing your life and mental health struggles easier.

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