Online Dating and Internet Friendships

Online Dating and Internet Friendships

Online Dating and Internet Friendships

Learning how to deal with online dating and form new relationships from social media is a reality of living in the twenty-first century. More relationships are built online now than ever before and relying only on face-to-face meetings is long becoming a thing of the past. Building friendships and navigating relationships from social media or online outlets can be fun and engaging as long as the other person wants to do the same.

Common Concerns

It is understandable that there would be a sense of timidness when building relationships before meeting in person. A common concern is in making sure who you are talking to is how they say they are. Connecting online creates concern for getting "catfished." This is a topic often discussed in individual therapy in Dr. Phillips. A suggestion to counteract this concern is to begin building online friendships through common interest groups. Look into groups or cohorts that support similar interests and start there.

Setting Goals

Keep in mind, that a relationship is only positive so long as both partners are respected by one another. If there isn’t mutual respect then the relationship or friendship won’t have a chance of lasting, no matter how you meet. Exploring common values, interests, backgrounds, and other important topics should still be on the table, even if you aren't meeting in person right away.

Seeking Support

Individual therapy in Dr. Phillips can be a great way to identify your goals with a neutral person outside of friends and family. Individual therapists in Dr. Phillips can help you define your boundaries and ensure that any new relationship you begin is beneficial to you.

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