Most Common Reasons Married Couples Fight

Most Common Reasons Married Couples Fight

Most Common Reasons Married Couples Fight

When you are involved in a committed relationship, you need to focus on effective communication to not only work through conflict, but to avoid it entirely. By talking through your emotions or thoughts, you can talk to your spouse about anything that may be bothering you, and you can work to improve your connection and understanding of one another. As a marriage counselor in Orlando, we help many couples thrive and avoid conflict.

It's no secret that married people fight. In fact, fights may occur often when you share your life with someone else, day in and day out. You may bicker, you may argue, or you may yell, depending on the severity of your argument. These are just a few of the most common reasons why married couples fight.


Jealousy can cause many fights between married people because they may feel left out or they may feel neglected. They may even just be insecure or worried. When your spouse spends time with their friends, talks to someone of interest, or just stares a little too long at someone on the street, this can cause your spouse to break out in a fit of jealousy. Jealous fights can typically be solved by keeping solid communication and spending time working on your own self-esteem.

Family Issues

Married couples need to welcome the entire family of their spouse into their lives, and this can cause many conflicts over the years. Whether you enjoy the company of your in-laws or you do like them, you may still notice that family differences can cause disputes between you and your spouse. These arguments may center around uncomfortable comments made at a family dinner, or they may be started on the holidays when the family comes in from out of town. Remind yourself that you and your spouse are on the same team.


Financial disputes are the most common types of fights between spouses. This can occur when one spouse makes more money than the other, as the other spouse may be jealous or feel less self-worth. Financial fights can also be caused when your spouse makes a large purchase without consulting you. Money is actually one of the main reasons that can drive a couple apart, so be sure that you set up a budget and financial system that works for both of you.

Household Responsibilities

Although these may start out as bickering comments, fights over household responsibilities can sometimes become a large rift in a marriage. If your spouse is not pulling their weight or they are taking advantage of your cleaning, cooking, or child-watching, you may start to feel unvalued or disrespected.

This can lead to fights over the imbalance of household responsibilities. Make sure that you come up with a list of chores that suits both of you and divides the work up appropriately.

When you are married, you spend much of your time dedicated to another person, and this can lead to fights over time. If you find that you constantly argue with your spouse, it may be time to talk with a marriage counselor in Orlando. Contact our team at Orlando Thrive Therapy to schedule your first session with us and start working on your marriage today.

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