Keeping Partner Updated

Keeping Partner Updated

Keeping Partner Updated

Couple's therapists in Orlando would agree that a relationship is about embodying the basic need for fun which incorporates learning. A relationship gives both partners the ability to experience this fun by learning about one another and how a relationship can enhance the individual persona and capabilities. However, what happens if a partner forgets to keep their partner “updated”? This “update” is referring to the countless and inevitable changes that one of the partners will experience and the need to keep the other partner in the know and up to date on when and how these changes occur. 

One technique that has proven successful in working with relationship therapy is The Gottman Method. What is the Gottman Method and how does it work? It is a school counseling and psychology that has done decades of research to provide tools to certify experts in the field of relationship counseling. When you are seeking a relationship counselor, you need to find someone who is specifically trained in the area of marriage and relationships. 

How Couple's Therapy Works

Couple’s therapy in Orlando is aimed at teaching these couple techniques on how to turn towards and respect one another but even more so on how to be vulnerable and express these changes and interests. If a partner does neglect to keep their partner updated it can cause perpetual issues to arise, more of emotional and vicious arguments to the surface, and can lead to a breakdown in the relationship. People change, this is a fact noted by couple's counselors and individual therapists in Orlando, but it is when these changes happen and how to effectively communicate them that makes the difference. 

If a partner chooses to turn away, not speak or try to advocate for their change of interests then it can negatively impact the relationship. On the counter end, it is the other partners' duty to listen empathetically and openly to their partner about these changes and different interests. If this form of listening does not happen and if the conversation is pursued from a place of superiority or authoritative viewpoint, then no successful mediation and conversation can be had which will lead to bigger arguments and conflicts down the road. Couple’s therapy could be a great avenue to speak about these changes and just why they are so important to the partner experiencing them and how to be a great listener to them. 

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