Four Tips to Overcome Grief and Start Living in the New “Normal”

Four Tips to Overcome Grief and Start Living in the New “Normal”

Four Tips to Overcome Grief and Start Living in the New “Normal”

After losing a loved one, it can be overwhelming to even think about returning to your everyday routine without them next to you. When you lose someone close to you, it may seem like your entire world is frozen in time. Finding your way back to a routine may seem impossible. As a therapist in Windermere, we understand the difficulties that devastating loss can have on your life. These are a few tips to help you overcome your grief, when you are ready, and start living your life once again.

Do Not Bury Your Feelings

As you navigate through the stages of grief, you will be confronted with new and uncomfortable emotions. Instead of shying away from these feelings, let them sink in and feel them. If you are at work and feel an overwhelming sadness, take a break by finding a quiet place or going for a walk. These emotions may not be convenient, but they can lead you to accepting your new normal.

Lean on Others

Surround yourself with people that understand and support you. Rely on trusted friends and family to help you regain your footing with your new routine. These individuals can be called upon to help with difficult household responsibilities, or they can provide a shoulder to lean on when you are dealing with tough emotions. When you are feeling overcome with grief, call your trusted friends and family so you will not feel alone. Know that you have support and love when you are feeling low points of your grief.

Talk to Someone

If you continue to struggle, you may want to consider joining a grief support group or going to therapy. These groups can offer solace in hearing the stories of other grieving individuals, and they can provide you with a safe space to express your emotions. Finding a community of individuals going through similar stages of grief can normalize everything you are feeling. If you do not feel comfortable with a group of people, it may be beneficial to work through your emotions with a trusted counselor.

Redefine Parts of Your Life

Instead of cutting out the activities that you once did with your lost loved ones, embrace these activities once again. Start slowly by adding these events into your schedule. Take the time to redefine these interests in order to honor their memory and stick with the things you once loved. For example, you may want to visit their favorite park or go to a sporting event you both loved on a routine basis to keep their memory alive.

By learning how to accept your grief and adapt to your new reality, you can slowly start building your life back together in new ways. If you or a loved one are struggling with grief, it may be beneficial to talk to a trusted therapist in Windermere. Contact us to hear about how we can support you through these tough and new times today.

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