Five Steps to Heal from Past Emotional Trauma

Five Steps to Heal from Past Emotional Trauma

Five Steps to Heal from Past Emotional Trauma

Have you experienced emotional or physical trauma in your past? Do you struggle with nightmares and other triggers as a result of the trauma? After you suffer from a traumatic experience, you may have difficulty feeling happy and healthy once again. You may experience nightmares and replay these experiences over and over again, until you are afraid, insecure, or withdrawn. As experts in EMDR therapy in Orlando, we know that you do not have to suffer despite the trauma you have experienced. These are a few steps you can take to start healing from past trauma and emotional distress.

Admit You Are Ready to Heal

The first step to healing from any experience is first admitting that the experience happened and that you are ready to take the steps to improve your future. One of the hardest emotions to handle is to face that trauma head on in order to heal, and this can take time, energy, and commitment.

Accept Support

When you are dealing with difficult emotions, it is always helpful to lean on those you trust. Your supportive, trusted friends and family should understand what you are going through so that they can be more accessible to you. When you are having a particularly difficult day, you want to know that you have people in your corner.

Talk to a Therapist

Therapists are a great resource to cope with traumatic events. They have experience in post-traumatic therapy techniques and coping strategies that can help you safely confront what you experienced and learn how to heal those parts of yourself. The journey to healing may require individual therapy or group support that can be often best facilitated by an experienced counselor.

Practice Mindfulness

When you are on the healing journey, you will likely want to practice mindfulness and other meditative techniques. This will ground your mind in positive thinking and allow you to truly acknowledge your feelings. These habits include journaling, meditating, exercising, and recognizing the world around you and its relationship to your physical presence.

Avoid Negative Influences

Most people that have suffered from trauma will also have triggers. These may in the form of a person that has experienced, or caused, the trauma, or it may be a sound or smell. Once you are exposed to these triggers, you may start to panic, feel overwhelmed, get anxious, become frightened, or just shut down. Before you learn how to cope and overcome these triggers, it is best to avoid any negative influences in your life while you start to heal.

By taking these steps, you can start the process of healing from previous trauma in your life. When you have experienced an emotional distressing or physically harmful trauma in your past, you may have trouble overcoming the challenges it has brought to your life.

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