Coping with Generational Differences

Coping with Generational Differences

Coping with Generational Differences

Life Counseling in Orlando is one of the biggest resources for individuals to cope with not only changes in time but changes between generations. These changes can be overwhelming and stressful for certain people. Anything going against “normal” conditioned thinking will feel foreign and won’t be appeased so easily. Noted by expert anxiety therapists in Orlando, stress, and anxiety can create faulty realities where an individual can feel low self-worth, no sense of belonging, lost, and feel forgotten. Generational gaps between individuals can create miscommunication but, with learning and understanding, it can be helpful to change the negative conditioned thinking for everyone.

Changing Perspectives on Generational Differences

Utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy with an expert CBT therapist in Orlando can help individuals struggling with generational gap differences. A common technique used is cognitive reframing where one person can reframe their thoughts into a more positive and productive thoughtfulness cohesion to reduce anxiety, and stress, and produce clarity. An example of cognitive reframing is reshaping how to see oneself through the lens of a generation. Place yourself in the shoes of the generation that you are struggling to relate to. Think of the common themes and trends that were provoking during your time at that age and make themed connections. Realize how important those were to you and take that same feeling of importance and apply it to those of the generation you are trying to relate to. Ultimately, this process can become autonomous and easier with more practice.

Differences are Normal

Differences are very common and do not have to be feared or hated. Instead, they can be an opportunity for learning and growth. CBT counselors in Orlando and licensed mental health professionals specialize in focusing on differences while embracing the worry and reframing them in order to use them as a learning tool. There will always be differences in opinions, life experiences, and themes and the last thing anyone should do is compare them to each other. People and their experiences will be different but the common ground is the difference, meet in the middle and learn.

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