Can’t Stop Overthinking

Can’t Stop Overthinking

Can’t Stop Overthinking

Overthinking is something that expertly trained therapists in Orlando would agree is becoming more common in people and can bring a level of worry, stress, and catastrophe during a phase of life. Overthinking is a rapid cognitive thought process dedicated to a situation or event one experiences. During this rapid thought process, it is normal to feel uncomfortable. Feeling uncomfortable can trigger more of a focus on how to get out of the negative frame of thinking. This process seems to present a correlation with base-level anxiety. The relationship between the two seems so simple yet can be embedded with deeper emotional and mental roots.

Emotional Triggers

Overthinking is usually triggered by an event or an anxious thought. Usually, as noted by professional EFT therapists, or emotion-focused therapists in Orlando, overthinking can be a product of being uncomfortable with certain emotions that are starting to emerge. Overthinking can also be used as a defense mechanism to avoid negative emotions. Emotion-focused therapists in Orlando are a great way to explore this. It may be things from childhood, past relationships, or even an overall emotional trigger of the future. There are layers to overthinking and it is that layer of exploration that can be uncomfortable. Finding a therapist that can help guide you through emotional triggers is the best first step.

How to Reduce Overthinking

Practicing being mindful can help reduce overthinking. Each experience is different and there is a level of patience that is needed. Many individuals seek out expertly trained emotion-focused therapists in Orlando to help light the path and create guidance for overthinking behaviors. An empty room can be very loud when you are overthinking and therefore it is a good idea to be able to look into a positive way to quiet that noise in a healthy, positive, and structured way like individual professional therapy.

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