Can My Marriage Be Saved?

Can My Marriage Be Saved?

Can My Marriage Be Saved?

Constant fighting, name-calling, infidelity issues, or financial problems can cause large wedges in relationships. When your marriage suffers from any of these issues, you may need to do some work to repair and restore the relationship. Our marriage therapist in Winter Park offer insight into how to fix the marriage, when the foundation is solid. If you have a strong foundation and a desire to truly be with the person you married, your marriage just may be worth saving. These are a few signs that show your marriage just may be worth fighting for.

You Recognize Your Faults

The first step to fixing the problem is to admit there is a problem in the first place. By taking the initiative to recognize your faults, you can address these issues. When you talk with your spouse, discuss issues in the marriage – and take ownership over what you bring to the table. Talk about how you feel about these faults and start to notice when they occur so that you can learn how to prevent them.

You Are Ready to Be Honest

If you find yourself always lying to your spouse, you may have deeper reasons why your trust is broken. However, you cannot work on your relationship if you are not ready to confront these lies and finally be honest. The process of fixing your marriage relies on full transparency from both parties to ensure that you both are ready to confront the lies and start repairing the cracks in the foundation.

You Stop Using Your Fighting Words

Are you always fighting? To truly resolve the problems, you need to put your anger, resentment, and fights aside. Look deeper at the real reasons why you are mad at your spouse. Have they done something wrong? Are you insecure about certain issues? When you look deeper at the real issues in your marriage, you can finally start to repair them. However, you need to put aside your fighting words to make room for more productive conversations.

You Want to Do the Work

A commitment to save your marriage will require you to do the work. This will require a daily dedication to the process of saving your marriage, working on yourself, and understand the needs of your spouse. When the love is there, you will likely want to do the work to get back to a healthy, happy place.

These are a few signs that indicate that you may be able to save your marriage and do the work to overcome the struggles in your relationship. When you are committed to the process of bettering yourself and your relationship, you will want to seek the help of our marriage therapist in Winter Park. Working with a professional can provide you with a safe space to heal and communicate through tough issues.

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