Beating Your Anxiety in Ten Minutes or Less

Beating Your Anxiety in Ten Minutes or Less

Beating Your Anxiety in Ten Minutes or Less

Anxiety is famous for becoming a problem at the most inopportune times. Whether you are taking a test at school or commuting to work, the world cannot always come to a halt just because you are experiencing an anxiety attack. While more involved coping mechanisms like meditation classes and relaxing baths are lovely for easing your anxiety, sometimes you do not have the time to do them. Luckily, psychologists understand that life cannot always stop to cope with your stress. They know how busy life can be and have developed coping strategies to help you manage your anxiety quickly. Your Windermere therapist presents the following ways to beat anxiety in 10 minutes or less.

How to calm anxiety in 10 minutes

Try out the following ways to quell your anxiety in 10 minutes when you have limited time to make things better.

Turn off your cell phone for 10 minutes

Most people do not realize how many times they check their phones in 10 minutes. The easiest technique for calming your anxiety is to shut down your phone for as long as possible and spend some time thinking without additional stimulation. Unfortunately, whether you are willing to admit it or not, your anxiety is worsened by your phone.

Write your feelings down

Take some time to write down all the things you have done well. Do not focus on something you have struggled with or things you worry about. Remembering things you have achieved or are good at will help you counter the negative things that worry says to you. It is essential to balance the messages, so start arguing with your anxiety like another person. Remembering what you are great at and what you have achieved will help you remember that your anxiety lies.

Call someone who gets you

Taking a walk and calling your partner, mom, best friend, or whoever you feel comfortable talking to can be helpful. Talk to someone you trust who really knows you that you can count on to be honest with you. Tell them what is worrying you and the reasons why and see how they respond. Another option is to call them and talk about something completely unrelated to your anxiety. Allowing yourself to get your mind off the things causing you to worry will work as the perfect distraction to calm your fears.

How to calm your anxiety in 5 minutes

Try out some of the following ways to beat your anxiety in 5 minutes when you need to stop the worry fast.

Move your body

Studies show that most people are sedentary for 12 hours a day or more. Not only is this bad for your physical health, but it can also take a toll on your mental health. If anxiety starts to overwhelm you, spend 5 minutes increasing your heart rate. Rigorous exercise can reduce anxiety by burning the extra mental stamina used to worry. Try taking a 5-minute run or turning on your favorite song and dancing around the room.

Listen to music

We all have a song or two that gets us hype and makes us feel on top of the world. You can even think ahead and create an entire playlist full of music that makes your soul happy. Then, you will be ready to fight back the next time anxiety comes calling. Music is a powerful tool that can lower your blood pressure and regulate your heart rate.

These are just some of the ways you can beat anxiety in 10 minutes or less. Our Windermere therapist can help you manage the triggers and symptoms of your anxiety on a long-term basis. Contact us today to start your journey to better mental health!

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