Anxiety for Women

Anxiety for Women

Anxiety for Women

Anxiety can take a severe toll on a woman's health and feeling of overall well-being. Signs can vary from mild and manageable to comprehensive and debilitating. Pursuing expert treatment for anxiety that is difficult to manage or situational is essential to sustaining mental fitness and health for women. Orlando Thrive Therapy specializes in individual counseling in Orlando and surrounding regions when addressing anxiety symptoms appears nearly incomprehensible to accomplish.

Anxiety conditions are natural and potentially extreme medical issues, just as genuine and severe as physical ailments like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, or high blood pressure. Anxiety conditions are the most widespread mental illnesses affecting females in America today. It is accepted that almost 264 million individuals have been diagnosed with an anxiety condition worldwide. In addition, females are almost twice as likely as males to be diagnosed with an anxiety condition in their life. The term "anxiety disorder" refers to distinct psychiatric disorders concerning excessive fear or worry, including panic disorders and panic attacks, agoraphobia, selective mutism, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, separation anxiety, and specific phobias.

Some anxiety disorder types

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, or OCD, is analyzed in people of all ages and happens when individuals get entangled in a cycle of preoccupations and compulsions.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a condition that materializes in individuals who have encountered a dangerous, terrifying, or shocking event. It is calculated that five out of ten women encounter a traumatic occasion in their lifetimes and are likely to be exposed to significantly dissimilar traumas than men.
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorders, or GAD, are interpreted in women with extreme anxiety and fear about ordinary circumstances or actions such as work, health, family, or finances. GAD can disrupt daily life by hindering family, job, or school activities or responsibilities.
  • Social anxiety disorder is diagnosed in people with extreme anxiety or fear of being judged, negatively evaluated, or rejected in social or performance circumstances. For example, individuals with a social anxiety disorder may stress about acting, seeming visibly anxious, or being regarded as dull, embarrassing, or idiotic.
  • Panic Disorder is commonly diagnosed in women who encounter unpredictable and involuntary panic attacks and are excessively gripped with the fear of another episode striking. Because these episodes are so unpredictable, many women may suffer severe anxiety between attacks.

Anxiety disorder treatment

Treatment alternatives and resources are typically similar for women and men, excluding pregnant women or women who might become pregnant. These antidotes include professional therapy and prescription medications. Unfortunately, anxiety can get better, decline, or remain the same during a woman's gestation. That, coupled with prioritizing the fetus's health, can often impact available therapy alternatives. Please visit for information on treating anxiety signs and conditions with professional help. Orlando Thrive Therapy specializes in individual counseling in Orlando and nearby communities and regions.

It is inspiring that most individuals who seek out therapy for anxiety conditions often experience considerable improvement in signs and enjoy a significantly enhanced quality of life.

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