5 Stress-Relief Tips for When You Work a High Stress Job

5 Stress-Relief Tips for When You Work a High Stress Job

5 Stress-Relief Tips for When You Work a High Stress Job

Pressure from your job can flow over into your home life a little too quickly if you don't know how to manage it. That is all nice to say, but in practice it is very difficult. If you work in a high stress environment, then it feels impossible to escape the pressure.

There are many reasons you will experience stress at a job, regardless of what they are, it makes it hard to keep going. When the stress begins to overwhelm you, you don't want to go to work. You don't want to deal with the toxic co-workers, or the low pay. Maybe the long hours keep you from your family. What can you do when the stress starts to beat you down? Maybe some of these tips from our therapist in Winter Park can help to alleviate the stress.

Learn The Stressors

Whether you keep a journal, or make a solid mental note, you need to track the events at work that cause crippling stress. Make note of the stressors, make sure to acknowledge how you responded to them. Your thoughts, feelings, and environmental information will all help you pinpoint the stressors origin. Note how you responded to it.

Work on Thinking Before Responding

No one should be afraid to defend themselves in any situation. That being said, sometimes the fights best fought are not. When you can identify and track your stressors, you want to work on how to better respond, rather than letting yourself react.

Establish Firm Boundaries

There is no harm working with friends or being friends with coworkers after shifts. However, you need to establish boundaries. This goes further than just work-life relationships. You also want to make sure you separate from work when you are not at work.

Speak With Your Supervisor

If you feel your stressors are avoidable or addressable by your supervisor, make sure you speak to them. If the stress is coming from coworkers, insufficient pay, unreasonable work hours, or a combination of everything, sometimes your supervisor can help. I just wouldn't scream for a raise in this economy.

Make Time for Yourself

When you get time, spend it with loved ones. Hang out with friends, play with your kids, watch a movie with your partner. But, above all else, make time for yourself. If you don't make time for the things that make YOU happy, then you will never be able to relieve the stress.

While these tips can help with high stress working environments, sometimes you need some extra help. If you are ready to get the help you need to overcome your stress and anxiety from work, contact our therapist in Winter Park to schedule an appointment today.

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