What to Understand about Marriage Therapy in Windermere

What to Understand about Marriage Therapy in Windermere

What to Understand about Marriage Therapy in Windermere

Are you stuck in a rut in your marriage?  Do you and your spouse constantly fight over the same things?  Are you concerned that your marriage is headed towards trouble?  Marriage therapy in Windermere can be extremely beneficial when you are looking to repair issues in your relationship that continue to arise.  However, many couples may stray from this because they have negative connotations or preconceived notions about couple’s counseling.  Many of these are untrue.  These are a few things that you should understand about marriage therapy before you push away this option.

It’s Not Always Conflict

Many people may assume that marriage counseling is just a space for you to argue with a third-party.  This is a misconception.  In fact, therapy provides you with a safe space to have healthy and constructive conversations and start fresh with some of the conflicts that may still be continuing.  You may even have some sessions independently so that you can truly reflect on your feelings without the pressures of another.  This is a space for you to work on both your own growth and your growth as a couple.

It’s About Trust

When you do the work in relationship counseling, you can expect many of the conversations and sessions to center around the idea of trust.  Trust is an essential ingredient that helps many marriages thrive, and this is a large part of therapy.  When you trust another individual, you will have your guard down, have more constructive conversations, and truly value the other person.  Without working on trust, the entire process of therapy may be unproductive.  We do not focus on “he said, she said” dynamics, and instead we focus on bridging the divide that you may already have in your marriage.

It’s About Starting Fresh

When you go to marriage therapy, you should expect to work on some of the things that you’ve always wanted to change.  Committing to this process will allow you to not only rebuild but also restart many aspects of your relationship that are not working.  Attending therapy allows you to be more cognizant of what you need to change and also have the room to actually make those changes and start over.

It’s an Interactive Process

Many people assume that therapists sit in silence and listen to your problems, only muttering “tell me how that made you feel” on occasion.  This stereotype could not be more misleading.  When you go to marriage therapy, your counselor will be an interactive member of the conversation.  They will provide you with strategies so that you can unlock emotions, get in touch with your partner’s emotions, and resolve and rebuild issues in your relationship.  This involves more much interaction on the part of therapist.

These are just a few things that you should understand about relationship counseling when you choose to work on your marriage.  Many people make assumptions about this process, and this may cause them to stray away from giving it a try.  However, marriage therapy in Windermere can be exactly what you need to repair your marriage.  Contact us to hear about our approach to therapy today.

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