The Mental Side of Goalkeeping

The Mental Side of Goalkeeping

The Mental Side of Goalkeeping

Sports counselors in Orlando drive their sports counseling practice towards working with different athletes from a variety of sporting backgrounds. When it comes to players in the team sport world, there are different stressors and strains that can impact an athlete based on their position and where they stand among teammates and opponents. 

Anxiety in Goalkeeping

Team sports normally have players that play both offense and defense and then there is a position related to goalkeeping. Goalkeeping is a unique and admirable position all to itself and is the one position in sport that can cause the most severe anxiety an athlete can face. Being a goalkeeper can be related to being a quarterback in football where it is their job to read the field and see what is happening and assign and send players to do specific things while stopping the ball from being scored.

Hyper Focusing through Sports

This is a very multitasking position and based on how well the goalkeeper performs has led to the mental health state they are in after the game. If a goalkeeper lets a ball past them then that means the other team earns points and the instance this happens, sports counselors in Orlando have noted that goalkeepers begin to have a deterioration in their mindset. There becomes questioning of their ability, hyper focused on small details and most of all adapting a fear that they will be replaced. 

Goalkeepers are Talented!

Unlike other positions in team sports, there is only one goalkeeper on the field and therefore is highly competitive. A goalkeeper may fear that if they are not perfect that they will be easily replaced. Goalkeepers come to sports counselors in Orlando to reshape their mindset and see all the other variables that would prevent them from making a save. Most of all, it gives them back their humanity and the ability to see their talent even in the face of ill-performance. Goalkeepers do not get enough recognition in sport and sports counseling in Orlando is directed to do just that!

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