Anxiety Therapy Techniques List Theory

Anxiety Therapy Techniques

List Theory

Anxiety Therapy Techniques

Anxiety therapy in Orlando incorporates many techniques to aid the individual in the successful management and coping of anxiety. While there are many steps to this, anxiety therapy in Orlando has a focus on what works solely with one individual and not having it be generalized to the entire population. Creating and managing lists is a common tool individual therapists in Orlando use to teach clients the appropriate way to navigate anxiety. 

Through creating lists, the stress, overthinking, nervousness, and fear can all begin to simmer down and can allow for clear and conscious thinking to be brought to the conscious mind. Now, creating a list to just make a list won’t fit the bill but instead, you create a list to address things such as what you can control and what you cannot control. Once this is done, you have a physical representation of what your mental energy needs to be focused on and where your power needs to stay to calm your mind. 

Orlando anxiety therapists would suggest that when you create a list such as this, give yourself a time limit of three to five minutes and fill in each side. If you finish before the time is up that is fine, or you can finish right when time runs out-that works too! To add to this, in general, if you make a list of things that need to be done allow yourself to see the flexibility in it. 

Not everything needs to be done all in one sitting and you need to allow yourself time and energy to be able to knock away each step as it comes. Focus on a core amount that you strive to get done and so long as the core part of the list is done, then you have had a successful day and anxiety won’t be able to take that away from you! Give list theory a try!

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