Turn Panic Into Power

Turn Panic Into Power

Turn Panic Into Power

We know that times are tough, and there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding us and our communities. There has been a strong emphasis on social distancing, quarantine and stay-at-home orders all through out the United States, including orders from our Governor here in Florida.  

It has triggered both anxiety and depression symptoms in a lot of people, and our normal coping skills may not be working due to the lack of support and the feeling of isolation. We don’t have others or activities to distract us. You’re not alone in these feelings.

These circumstances do invoke a lot of suppressed feelings, inability to grasp control, panic attacks, low motivation. This is a common thing I’m hearing from friends, family, clients and even myself included.

These feelings and symptoms are normal!

It is important to focus on the things we can control, to find that glimpse of motivation, find an accountability partner, schedule FaceTime, zoom or Skype dates with friends. Connect on social media. Find accessible coping mechanisms. There is always support for you if you look for it. The internet, therapists, teachers, etc. Convert anxiety or panic into power that supports yourself and those around you, because no matter what this is temporary & you’re not alone in this.

Some of us truly thrive off of social interaction, and weaken in isolation. Others thrive in isolation and weaken in social situations. Think about yourself and those around you in order to prepare for what times are to come and how to help those you love most.

While this has caused an influx of panic and disruption in all of our lives, we must remember that we aren’t “stuck at home”. We are SAFE at home.
As much as these times are terrible for those left at home with nothing to do but online school or work, we must also be grateful to those that must continue work in abnormal times and pretend things are normal. This includes healthcare workers, first responders, flight attendants, and so many others who might be working in more risky situations right now feeling the impact of this on a completely different level.

Anytime you are feeling overwhelmed, take a minute to shift your attention to gratitude. This can be one of the most powerful ways to take back your control and foster a new perspective.

If you or someone you know is having a hard time acclimating to these sudden life changes, is experiencing new symptoms of their anxiety and depression, or is needing supplemental support during this time period, we at Orlando Thrive Therapy are here for you in these rough times. We’re flexible with virtual and in person visits, and have means to help those in financially pressed situations as well. If you’d like to speak with the author of this blog, contact Mallory.orlandothrivetherapy@gmail.com. Keep calm and remember to thrive on!

Rise above any circumstance, for GROWTH, EMPOWERMENT, and better QUALITY of life!
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Heather Oller

Heather Oller is a licensed Orlando therapist at Orlando Thrive Therapy, Coaching & Counseling who specializes in counseling Orlando couples, individuals, and families who are seeking changes in their lives. She has been a mental health professional for over 17 years and is a practicing Orlando counselor that specializes in conflict resolution for couples. You can contact her for an appointment or call 407-592-8997 for more information.