How To Handle Anxiety During A Pandemic

How To Handle Anxiety During A Pandemic

How To Handle Anxiety During A Pandemic

How do you deal with anxiety from the unknown? There are so many things that can race through your mind when you are faced with anxiety from change, anxiety from job-loss, or anxiety from finances. During times of world or economic crisis or change, it is normal to feel anxious. Anytime something shifts you out of your normal routine, this can create feelings of anxiety, stress, worry or fear.

Identifying Negative Thoughts

A pandemic is a very abnormal time for many people all across the world. Our bodies and minds are all trying to find ways to cope. However, those that are prone to anxiety and depression might be feeling these effects differently. Some anxious thoughts you might be having:

  • I’m going to get sick.
  • I’m going to feel like this forever.
  • I’m going to lose my job.
  • I’m going to be isolated forever.
  • I’m stuck.
  • Everything in my life is uncertain.
  • Things are shutting down, I’m panicking.
  • I’m crazy.

Changing Negative Thinking

First of all, these thoughts are normal to be having. After all, why wouldn’t these thoughts cross your mind? You are chartering unknown territory.  You’re not crazy for being concerned for your physical and mental health during a pandemic that hasn’t affected the world this way in a very long time. You’re not alone in these thoughts. The best way to begin finding your balance again during anxious waves is to start trying to reframe your thoughts into...

  • The way I’m feeling right now is normal.
  • I’m self-isolating and doing all the things I need to do in order to stay healthy.
  • I have access to coping skills even when I’m alone.
  • I have time to keep up with chores or projects I may not have had time for before.
  • Essential places are still open to tend to my basic needs for life.
  • I can’t control this time, but I can control how I react even if it’s very difficult or exhausting.
  • I get to be safe at home connected to the ones I love.
  • I’m prepared and know what I need.

Finding Help

Often when there are sudden changes in world events, we are not prepared for it. Most of these situations are unique, unpredictable, and occur so suddenly that all we can do is find healthy ways to cope with anxiety when they happen. Staying informed, educated, and choosing the forums we go to for support very carefully can all have a huge impact on how well you handle the changes.

We know that it can be hard to find the beauty during times of crisis. One of the most common sentiments that can be felt during world-changing events, can be that of a sense of community connection. People become more intentional about their connections and support to one another. Families bond more closely and communities find creative ways to stay connected, helping one another. It is very important to practice mindfulness during stressful times and focus energy on positive outcomes despite adverse events.


If you or someone you know needs extra support during a critical time that causes anxiety, causes fear, or causes worry or stress, please contact a counselor at Orlando Thrive today. Whether you need a support line, virtual sessions, or financially feasible sessions, we can do our best to provide you with what you need. Keep calm and remember to thrive on. 

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