How To Control Anger Men’s Therapy Orlando Weighs In

How To Control Anger

Men’s Therapy Orlando Weighs In

How To Control Anger

In Men’s therapy Orlando, men seeking counseling for anger or how to control bad behavior, have often reached out due to conflict within a relationship. Even if you are a man who is seeking help for anger or jealousy and have been nudged by another person, you can learn a lot through men’s therapy. The most obvious point that gets overlooked at times during heated emotions, arguments, or conflict, is that the only behavior you can control is yours alone.

Identifying Triggers

In Men’s therapy Orlando, you will begin the process of learning how to control your anger, how to set healthy boundaries, how to avoid triggers, and how to cope when you do get triggered in your relationships. You will learn that you are unable to control, direct, dictate or instigate the behaviors of others or their perceptions. When you attempt to control others, you actually start interactions with negative communication styles and confrontation instead of acknowledgment and acceptance.

In the process of men’s therapy Orlando, you actually rediscover your power by learning to let go. You realize that you are a powerful individual, but the power you have is over yourself.  The only influence you have is over your behaviors and the actions you take.

How to Handle Emotions Healthily

When you work with a men’s counselor, you learn how to avoid anger, how to avoid jealousy or rage, how to choose your reactions, when to escalate, what to say, and when to say it. You learn how to take control of your life and shape your behaviors to foster healthy communication and better relationships.

You cannot try to control or influence another’s behavior into what you want them to be.  This is actually more harmful to you in the long run for many reasons. For starters, when you try to control the actions and behaviors of others, you are choosing to put them first over yourself.  This creates an internal dialogue of putting yourself second and not addressing what your needs and feelings are. When you try to control behaviors, experiences, and factors of others, you spiral into a zone of anxiousness and overthinking where nothing else is able to get in.

Men's Therapy Daily Challenge

The daily challenge that men’s therapy Orlando will present to you is to bring the spotlight onto you. Focus in on you. Focus in on the behaviors you are in control of.  Focus in on what your next steps are. This can even be applied when someone is speaking to you. Focus in on listening rather than thinking of what to say next. Be present and address what your next steps of action are. In this situation, you can only control what you say, how you say it, and your reactions to what the other person said. Focus in on that and not on what their reactions, actions, and words will be.

When you are a man struggling in a relationship it can seem overwhelming because there is often few reliable, professional resources for you to talk to.  Getting advice from friends and family is often not the best thing because maybe they will want to side with you, rather than point out your behaviors that need to change for a healthy relationship.  This is why seeking help from a men’s therapist in Orlando is beneficial and gives you a judgment-free space to talk freely.

Help For Men's Mental Health

If you are a man who wants help with emotions or behaviors, seek professional help from an expert. At Orlando Thrive Therapy, we specialize in men’s therapy Orlando and have men’s therapists that can help you. Shifting the focus on your own behavior will allow for more clarity of mind to be present, allowing for a deeper understanding of yourself and others as well. If you are a man who worries about others and their behaviors, Choice Theory is the best therapy technique for you! Call us today at 407-592-8997 or email us for more information and Be Proud of Yourself!

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