How Counselor Advice Helps Blended Families Cope With Stress

How Counselor Advice Helps Blended Families Cope With Stress

How Counselor Advice Helps Blended Families Cope With Stress

Blended families can be hard to navigate without help. Individual counseling in Orlando helps you develop a healthy support system.  Sometimes talking to friends, family, or other divorcees can lead you to feeling more confused about what to do.  The experience of being married after divorce is unique and a counselor who provides professional support during this time can teach you several ways to cope. This might include how to set healthy boundaries in your new relationship, how to talk to your step-kids, or how to find common ground when parenting children in a blended family. These are just a few areas that counselors can help.


Being married again after divorce and having stepchildren can be hard.  Not to mention stressful.  You might be feeling stressed out in a blended family from all the personalities you meshed together or trying to figure out how to be a parent to stepchildren. Trying to figure out how to cope with stress can start with setting healthy boundaries. The benefit of seeking a counselors advice on how to set healthy boundaries is that they are not involved personally with your family dynamic. This gives them the ability to observe your situation from a neutral position.  They can help you find ways to cope with your new household and avoid family conflict.


Counselors are highly skilled and trained at teaching you how to communicate positively with the people in your life, including your stepchildren. You might be tempted to speak to them like you do your own kids, or to even interject when your spouse is parenting, but these are big No-No's. Seeking professional support for family issues that happen when you get married after divorce is a very healthy, positive way of building a good foundation for your new family. It will help you embrace your new role in life and eliminate animosity that builds from poor communication in this type of family system.


Finding common ground when parenting children in a blended family can be the most challenging part of being married after divorce with kids. It can feel lonely in your new role, but with the right support system you can easily find ways to meet everyone’s needs, especially your own. When you learn how to respect your stepchildren, your spouse, your new in-laws, and begin to understand your place in the new family system, you will earn respect too. Probably the hardest thing that you can learn in individual counseling in Orlando is how to relinquish control. When you are able to do this, you allow the blended family to develop new rituals and habits that work for everyone. It might be hard at first because you are used to doing things a certain way, but if you allow the system to develop naturally, then everyone can have a chance at happiness.

There is no textbook way to navigate blended families, but there are ways to ease this transition better than others. It is worth it to seek guidance from a professional right at the start rather than trying to navigate the dynamic alone. This helps lay a healthy foundation from the start and earns you a high level of respect in your new family that you may not get otherwise. Email or call today to speak to an expert counselor.

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