Coaching For Parents Getting the Support You Need

Coaching For Parents

Getting the Support You Need

Coaching For Parents

If you are a parent seeking coaching in Orlando or reading this, then that means you already have some knowledge of how to raise a child. Even if you are seeking the services of a parent coach, that does not negate the fact that you have innate skills that you have already been using. How to parent effectively is not based on rules or standards that apply to every family. You have already been putting in the energy to make sure that they have everything they need to be a success in life, but maybe you still need more support.

Parent Coaching Basics

The goal for any parent is to allow your children to have a better life than you did. However, parenting is not just about teaching your child what is right from wrong. This is the first discussion that parents often have with a parenting coach. Teaching parents how to effectively lead their children through mindful parenting is a core skillset a parenting coach demonstrates.

What exactly is mindful parenting? Being a mindful parent and parenting in this way can often be a struggle.  Adopting this mindset can often be a challenge because it goes against some of what is taught to us about needing to teach "right" or "wrong."

Mindful Parenting: How To Tune In

Mindful parenting gives insight to the parents allowing them to become aware of the influence they have over creating their children's reality. This mindset inputs that the way children perceive and react to the world around them is based entirely on how they see their parents reacting and experiencing their world. Their perceptions and knowledge of the world come from you and your behaviors.

For example, if you are being pessimistic, your child may see this and begin to associate that when things happen they need to be perfect in order to avoid negative behaviors, or being pessimistic is proper normalizing behavior in the world. While pessimism has its place for when and how to use it, it is not the only way to behave in the world. Your kids pick up on even subtle shifts and this becomes a part of how they perceive the world. This where being a mindful parent is more crucial than ever.

Shaping Positive Mindsets

Be mindful of your behaviors, your beliefs, your actions, and how your child may be interpreting them. Be mindful that you are paving the way for how your child will see and construct the world in their own way. Doing this will allow your child to develop more of their own personal identity but also release them of any constraints they may feel as well. There is no perfect way to parenting but setting your own path is pretty close.

If you are struggling with how to parent, reach out to a parenting coach or individual counselor who can help. At Orlando Thrive Therapy, Coaching, and Counseling, an Orlando counselor can help guide you in the best ways to parent. Call or email today for more information. Be proud of yourself and start today with the change you want to see for the future.

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