Career Anxiety-Colleagues and Co-workers

Career Anxiety-Colleagues and Co-workers

Career Anxiety-Colleagues and Co-workers

If you haven’t had a chance to read the blog about career anxiety and how Winter Garden counseling can help, take a moment, and go back for a read. This blog is meant to serve as a subsection of what having anxiety at work feelings like with your current employment or career, but with the tendencies being caused with your coworkers/colleagues and how it is impacting you and your ability to perform your duties.

Ideally, your search for employment will give you a sustainable working environment to showcase your talents and abilities in the respected field that you are in. Part of the working environment is the individuals that surround you and what their perceptions of you are. It is easy to compare yourself to the other individuals and focus on the abilities you do not have rather than the abilities you do have when you overstressed about how your colleagues are performing.

Workplace Anxiety Causes

If this is the case then you are only giving power to your colleagues to allow them to perceive you how you believe they are perceiving you. In Winter Garden counseling, the goal is to give you a different perspective on your workplace anxiety and job stress. Every person is different and to try and compare yourself to another is similar to comparing a brownie and cookie-both are desserts but are unique and complex in their own way. Focus on the abilities you have and what makes you the individual who you are.

Colleagues can also add to your job stress if you are feeling judged, or lack trust, or sense there is favoritism going on within the workplace. These are heavy causes of job stressors and give rise to anxious tendencies when it comes to career.

Taking Control Where You Can

If you feel there is a sense of favoritism within the workplace, you have to put yourself first and talk to your supervisor or manager about these tendencies and actions. If you are feeling judged, ask yourself what is giving rise to this feeling of judgment. Focus on what is in your control for both of these things and do not be afraid to self-advocate for yourself.

You deserve to not settle on who you are but deserve to have your need and feelings addressed. It can be fearful and scary but combine those with these overwhelming feelings of dread and anxiousness if you do not address it. Trust in yourself and be confident in who you are, put yourself first!

How Winter Garden Counseling Helps

If you are unable to find ways to overcome workplace anxiety on your own, take the next step by seeking help at Winter Garden counseling. You can speak to a Winter Garden anxiety counselor who can help you develop a plan on how to eliminate anxiety and get back to feeling confident again, no matter where you are in your life. Call or email us today to get more information.

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