What a Marriage Therapist Can Do For You

What a Marriage Therapist Can Do For You

What a Marriage Therapist Can Do For You

A marriage therapist in Orlando is faced with the unique task of working with two separate people at the same time to help each of them with their issues. In addition to this, he has to treat the two people as one unit and help this unit, in technical terms, function more efficiently. Though traditional therapy has usually involved delving into past issues in order to solve present problems or prevent future issues, a therapist today may try a different tactic called "solution focused therapy".

Solution focused method is a type of counseling that focuses solely on current issues and solutions without feeling the need to dissect issues through examining the past. Using this method, the marriage therapist asks a couple to state what they feel their problems are and what their goals are for their marriage, and that is the point at which they start. The session is broken into sessions that identify them and promote active solutions.

  • Identifying the Glitches

    The marriage therapist will begin sessions with a couple by asking them to identify their problems. This is not as simple as it might at first seem, since they have to get past blaming each other and focus on their real common goals. Each partner can speak of his or her individual concerns, but from there the therapist will guide them toward discovering what it is that they want to achieve as a couple. The goal is to identify the problems without focusing on them too much. The focus is on positive goals.

  • Working on Solutions

    Solution focused therapy involves everyone working together. Instead of airing grievances and simply following the subsequent advice of the analyst, the couple participates in developing the solutions. This goes a long way in giving the couple confidence in their ability to solve their problems, especially together.

    Time isn't spent looking into either partner's past to try to understand their current behavior. The assumption is that they are both mature adults and capable of changing that behavior, no matter where it comes from. By developing and working on active solutions, they build confidence in themselves and, hopefully, their relationship.

  • Accentuating the Positive

    The marriage therapist who works within the framework of solution focused counseling will try to guide you to focus on the positive. This includes identifying the good points of their relationship both past and present, and working on increasing the ԛuality and ԛuantity of those good points. This type of positive action, if everyone is committed to it, builds upon itself.

    Though not all marriage therapists use solution focused therapy as their primary counseling practice, the ones that do have overwhelmingly positive things to say about it. Obviously this type of therapy is not for every married pair.

If one or both partners have severe emotional issues, they probably need more intensive help, but this is usually identified early and addressed. For a large number of couples, this type of counseling can work wonders.

Find a marriage therapist in Orlando that's a good fit for you, the one who will advise you on how you can keep your bond strong and you will surely see improvements in your marriage.


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