Therapy For Anxiety Orlando Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Therapy For Anxiety Orlando

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Therapy For Anxiety Orlando

The hardest thing for any professional person to experience is debilitating anxiety, panic attacks, and overwhelming fears. This can get in the way of your confidence to do your job, performing at your best, and make you start second guessing yourself and your abilities.

When you have a job that requires you to work with people, meet demanding deadlines, or involves daily appointments, anxiety is the last thing you need. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) has been proven to be the best method for eliminating anxious or unwanted thoughts. This technique works best for all people, is non-invasive and solution focused.

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Anxiety and panic disorder can start as minor symptoms such as racing thoughts, mental fatigue, heart palpitations, fast speech, or disorganized thinking. Trying to perform at work and feeling anxious is no easy task. You may even begin to think you are losing your mind because this has never happened to you in the past. What is the best help for your anxiety so you can stop feeling so bad?

Anxiety medication is often prescribed for anxiety symptoms, but this treatment has not been proven to be the most effective. The most effective anxiety treatment is therapy for anxiety. CBT is an evidence-based treatment technique that offers relief for anxiety symptoms and targets the root causes of anxiety. This means that CBT anxiety techniques have proven to provide the fastest relief for anxiety sufferers.

Therapy For Anxiety Orlando
How Does CBT(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Work?

CBT specialists are trained to help identify the causes behind your anxiety symptoms. There is often an underlying reason work stress or physical symptoms have started. Your anxiety therapist in Orlando will get to these underlying causes, teach you what you need to know to eliminate them, and help you begin feeling better again.

The process by which Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works is effective for anyone. It is short-term, solutions focused anxiety therapy in Orlando and has helped many professionals overcome anxiety quickly. CBT has been helping professionals with anxiety such as lawyers, doctors, business executives, sales managers, and human resource directors. These types of professions have high demand jobs which often require a large time commitment and sharp mental skills. This leaves little room for long-term therapy and anxiety medication which can negatively impact a persons job performance.

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Anxiety Therapy Questions

  • 1. “How long will I need to be in therapy for anxiety?”

    The answer is that CBT works for anxiety very quickly. If you are committed to using the techniques your anxiety specialist Orlando teaches you, then you should start to feel relief with 1 or 2 sessions. Just remember that depending on how long you have experienced your symptoms, it might take more than 1 or 2 symptoms to feel the full benefits cognitive behavioral therapy can offer.

  • 2. “Do I have to talk about my past or my family issues?”

    Many people think that all therapy involves a trip down memory lane. That is not true with anxiety therapy in Orlando and CBT techniques. As a matter of fact, this is the least invasive type of anxiety therapy technique and is designed to target and eliminate your anxiety symptoms quickly.

  • 3. “How much does CBT and anxiety therapy in Orlando cost?”

    There are many different counselors in Orlando, but they aren’t all the same. You should expect to pay a higher rate for a certified anxiety specialist in Orlando that can provide proven effective CBT anxiety techniques. The short term cost will even out because with an expert anxiety specialist you will see results in a much shorter amount of time.

  • 4. “Can I really feel better without medication?”

    Absolutely you can feel better without anxiety medication! Many people find the side effects of anxiety medication (dry mouth, fatigue, mental slowness, jittery sensation, dependence, etc.) are far worse than the anxiety symptoms themselves. What we know about anxiety is that it is one of the most common mental health conditions. It is not a medical condition. This means that to treat anxiety, the best course of therapy for anxiety in Orlando is to begin with the mind.

Therapy For Anxiety Orlando
CBT For Anxiety

If you have been finding that anxiety symptoms have been interfering with your work or personal life, the best treatment is CBT. It has been used to successfully help anxiety sufferers for decades and continues to be the most effective treatment for anxiety. If you are interested in learning more or want to speak with a certified anxiety specialist, contact me today for a free phone consultation. I look forward to hearing from you and letting you know how I can help.

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