Simple Techniques to Resolve Conflicts

Simple Techniques to Resolve Conflicts

Simple Techniques to Resolve Conflicts

Conflict is an inevitable occurrence in every marriage or relationship, and the outcome of every conflict depends solely on how it is managed. In some relationships, it could be a significant problem while in others resolution happens quietly like nothing ever happened. In the world of marriage therapy, the causes of conflicts in relationships are all too typical, and it could be any of the following;

  • Who should do what?
  • How should this be done?
  • How one partner is being treated by the other and;
  • Disagreements over personal choices and styles.

These have been seen even in some cases of marriage therapy in Orlando. There are different ways to approach conflict resolution between couples which marriage therapists Orlando have applied. However, people usually take some steps which are most times unproductive. Let's look at some of these steps that don't work;

  • Avoiding the conflict or denying its existence hoping that it goes away.
  • Switch to a different subject.
  • Allow emotions take over – becoming abusive, aggressive or hysterical.
  • Blaming someone.
  • Make excuses.

None of these responses to conflict ever make any difference in getting conflicts between couples resolved. They all contribute to the depletion of the security and safety level in the security. So, what are the steps to take? What are the effective responses that work? What are the best approaches to managing conflicts?

Understand the cause of the conflict

Marriage therapists in Orlando have always hammered an all too important thing to always have in mind in resolving conflicts. It is to understand the cause of any problem with your partner. Different people come from different backgrounds and for some conflict is a way of life, a way of correcting things and while you may not be used to that, you need to understand their perspective, so you can deal with things accordingly.

Active Listening

For a quick resolution of conflicts, listening actively is a highly effective skill because it helps you show that you understand what your partner is talking about and how it makes them feel. Active listening is when you can say what your partner has said in your own words. It is a way of knowing if what you heard and understood is what your partner is feeling. It also shows that you heard what they said and are concerned about how they feel about what is going on. There are some statements that can be used in different situations that demonstrate active listening. Some of them are as follows;

"It looks like you got upset at work today."
"It looks like this problem is giving you a hard time."
"You're pissed because I'm late right?"
"I understand how pissed at me you are right now."

Listening actively is a way of showing that you are interested in seeing the other person's perspective of things and you are not focused on antagonizing or getting defensive. The goal of active listening is to not react badly and simply reflect to understand what you are hearing.

Most times the only thing that our partner(s) ever want is to listen and listening is an integral part of communicating. So, in times of conflicts, giving enough room for communication without getting overly confrontational would go a long way in resolving conflicts.

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