Dealing With Life Changes Orlando

Dealing With Life Changes Orlando

Dealing With Life Changes Orlando

Dealing with life changes Orlando is not easy alone. Life changes and life transitions happen to everyone, but not all are as resilient as they should be. Unexpected life changes throw routines, relationships, careers, and mood off without warning. Being able to get through a life change without feeling anxious is hard without the right mindset, resources, or help. When a life transition causing anxiety happens, your first response might not be to call an individual therapist, but it really should be.

Dealing With Life Changes Orlando

Dealing with life changes Orlando in healthy ways can happen faster than you think. You can learn to reframe any situation, circumstance, or negative experience with the right help. Feeling overwhelmed because of changes in life requires positive outlets, healthy perceptions of reality, and stress reduction techniques. When you have the tools to handle life transitions better, then you won’t experience anxiety from change as quickly. Some of the most common things that cause people to get stuck are not having healthy outlets or a good support system. These things are so important to being resilient and adaptable. They help a person maintain motivation, hope, and the ability to move through a change in healthier ways.

Healthy Thinking During Change

Having a healthy mindset goes a long way for anyone when changes happen in life. The best way to start developing a healthy mindset is to use positive affirmations or mantras. These mantras can help you when you are a new mother dealing with anxiety, a man dealing with stress due to career issues, or are sad, confused or anxious after a break-up. The following mantras are just a good place to start now, but shouldn’t replace professional help if you can’t shake the depression or anxiety.

Dealing With Life Changes Orlando
Mantras To Help Getting Through Life Changes

  • “This too shall pass.”

    Remember that time does heal wounds. Time also heals hearts and minds. If a life transition causing anxiety comes up, remind yourself that feelings and moments do pass.

  • “Life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.”

    You don’t need to feel rushed. Slow down, pause, and make decisions carefully.

  • “I don’t have to be in control all the time.”

    Give yourself permission to let things happen as they may. You can only control you and your reactions.

  • “Without change, nothing would be new.”

    Through change, comes new life and growth. This is essential to evolution of self and others.

  • “I have made it to this far with my strength and courage.”

    Life changes causing anxiety, frustration or sadness do not need to be resolved or fixed right this minute. A life transition causing stress requires patience, one day at a time.

Dealing With Life Changes Orlando
Therapy For Change

Life changes causing bad feelings benefit greatly from therapy and the right support. Talking about what is going on and receiving helpful feedback helps tremendously. You can call 407-592-8997 to schedule an appointment and start feeling supported through this change right now.

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