Anxiety Therapy Or Medication? Anxiety Therapist in Orlando Explains The Difference

Anxiety Therapy Or Medication?

Anxiety Therapist in Orlando Explains The Difference

Anxiety Therapy Or Medication?

Anxiety therapy or anxiety medication? How do you choose what’s right for you? Anyone who has suffered from a panic attack knows that finding relief is the first goal. The most uncomfortable symptoms are associated with anxiety; Loss of control, fear of going crazy, racing heart, difficulty catching your breath…the list goes on and on. These anxiety symptoms can happen unexpectedly or be associated with specific triggers. People with these symptoms are often prescribed anti-anxiety medication that provides immediate relief, but no long-term gains. Seeking the help of an anxiety therapist in Orlando who specializes in the treatment of panic attacks, anxiety relief, and stress counseling, will give you more than just symptom relief.

There are many reasons that anti-anxiety medications do not offer long-term solutions. An anxiety counselor often gets referred a client that has been suffering with anxiety for a long time. They have tried medications either with some success or none at all. They often still experience anxiety to a lesser degree, but have developed coping strategies, including medication therapy, that they no longer find helpful. An anxiety therapist will teach you new strategies to manage your anxiety better. During anxiety counseling you will get to the origin of your anxious feeling’s. You will develop new ways of thinking and doing things. By addressing the root cause of your anxiety, you will no longer be in symptom management mode; You will be in empowerment mode. You can stop feeling helpless against your anxiety symptoms once and for all.

How An Anxiety Therapist Helps

  • Anxiety therapy addresses the root causes, not just symptoms

    Your anxiety therapist specializes in anxiety and mental health. It isn’t the same as receiving advice or prescriptions from your medical doctor. What is known about anxiety is that it is one of the most common mental illnesses in the US, affecting an estimated 40 million people (Anxiety and Depression Association of America.) It is also the most treatable disorder, but only 36.9% of those affected seek treatment from mental health professionals. The physical symptoms of anxiety make anxiety sufferers have a hard time connecting the mental health piece to how they are feeling. An anxiety therapist in Orlando is specifically trained to address the mental health component that causes anxiety symptoms, not just the physical reactions.

  • Anxiety therapy teaches you about anxiety

    Anxiety therapy will give you healthy strategies that work for anxiety symptoms. This will replace any negative or unhealthy coping strategies you may have tried using. Anxiety therapy in Orlando will teach you new ways of thinking, and how your thoughts contribute to what you feel. Once you have worked with an anxiety therapist on these things, you will also understand how to correct the anxious thoughts through specific techniques. Often it takes a little more time to feel relief from anxiety therapy because the root causes of the anxiety have never been dealt with. This is often found in people who have been referred to counseling but put it off for a long time because the anti-anxiety medication provided symptom relief.

Anxiety Therapist Orlando Solutions

Anxiety Therapy Or Medication?
  • Anxiety therapists specialize in overcoming anxiety

    A very important part of anxiety therapy in Orlando is that an anxiety therapist understands anxiety. They help clients every day who suffer from anxiety symptoms and panic attacks. Anxiety therapy uses specific evidence-based techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy to address the root causes of symptoms. This process has been proven to work in conjunction with medication, but also to be more effective than medication at eliminating anxiety. Anxiety is one of the most treatable mental health issues. Anxiety therapy is less invasive than medication. An anxiety therapist sees clients who often want to avoid side effects of anti-anxiety medications or who just want to deal with their anxiety once and for all.

  • Anxiety therapy helps

    Making a choice to seek anxiety therapy in Orlando empowers you with a resource that is specifically targeted to your anxiety. Seeking the help of a professional in the field will help you get to the root issues, and focus on healthy, productive solutions. A lot of people who suffer from anxiety do not understand how treatable it is and suffer needlessly for far too long. Anxiety therapy is highly recommended. Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques have proven extremely successful at treating anxiety. Working with a certified anxiety therapist who specializes in anxiety disorders can help you target your anxiety issues for long term relief.

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