Adjusting to the Single Life

Adjusting to the Single Life

Adjusting to the Single Life

You just got out of a relationship. Your relationship make have lasted for a few months, years, engaged or even married. The feeling that comes with ending a relationship is a combination of different emotions which may include devastation, sadness, joy or relief. After the relationship, you still may have to remain friends with your ex because of children or having mutual friends. Regardless, you still have to make that transition from being previously in a relationship to singlehood which can be quite difficult and may require going for life transition therapy.

  • Develop a brand new routine

    In your previous relationship, you probably had a routine with your ex or maybe not, adjusting to singlehood will be easier if you can develop a routine for yourself. By building a routine, you will have something doing at every time of the day which you can look forward to every day. Your routine may include waking up in the morning, going to a coffee shop, going to work, running your daily errands, going back home to make dinner and watch your favorite show. Having routine takes away the urge to do anything you are not supposed to do such as getting in touch with your ex.

  • Accept your new situation as normal

    As much as ending a relationship is not exactly a situation, it is something you have to acknowledge and accept. Ending a relationship is a painful thing to do, and it comes with a sense of loss and grief, and these feelings may last for as long as possible ranging from days to years. It is normal; no onse can teach you how to grieve. Whatever you feel after the breakup is normal and you have to accept them.

  • Reflect on yourself

    Being single can be the best opportunity for you to reflect and check yourself to identify what you want out of life without anyone influencing your decision. You have the chance to do things without considering how it affects anyone; you will not have to compromise on your plans for your partner. Focus on your passion and find a hobby then identify the things you will never compromise on in your future relationships. You can also take this time to look back and work on the things that made you and your ex breakup. You can only get better through deep self-reflection. You can as well go for life transition therapy for further assistance.

  • Take care of yourself

    After a breakup, you can easily get into sulk-mode and neglect taking care of yourself. This is a wrong move. Make sure you eat well, exercise, go out more, hang out with friends, access your support groups and always be in the company of relatives and friends. It is imperative that you find a way to move on from your last relationship. If this looks impossible for you to do, visit Orlando Thrive Therapy to book some life transition Therapy. Call us today on 407-592-8997 to book a session.

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