Nick DiGianivittorio, MA, RMHI

Nick DiGianivittorio holds a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health and Counseling and is a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern in the State of Florida. Nick works exclusively with clients in the Orlando area in private practice at Orlando Thrive Therapy, Coaching, and Counseling.

Who Nick Work's With + Nick's Approach

Nick DiGianivittorio

Nick believes that life is ever-changing and it can be hard to navigate through the life stages on one’s own. Nick also believes that we are driven to find promising relationships that can lead to a fulfilled life. These relationships can be with a partner, family, peers, or even the self. He uses his theoretical orientation to use his sessions where you build an ideal world where you feel supported, comforted, and empowered to overcome the barriers life may present to you. By incorporating mindfulness techniques into sessions, Nick allows you to see your true self and the unique qualities that make you your own person. This can lead you to thrive as the individual you are meant to be. When you promote a positive self-image and challenge negative thinking, this can lead to your ideal self and achieve greatness. Nick knows that the challenge of these negative thoughts can be hard and that is why Nick has a background in empowered coaching and life skill-building. Nick uses this with the mindset that we as humans have the capacity to continue to grow and develop our skills to be able to change our thoughts and choose the direction our life can go. No matter which direction life may take you, you deserve to thrive, and most of all, be proud of yourself.

Nick believes in using the integrative therapy approach at the core of Orlando Thrive Therapy, Coaching and Counseling’s mission to create a positive and empowered version of yourself leading into the ideal future that you want. He has extensive training in Reality Therapy, Choice Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Gottman Method for couples and life coaching. He uses these skill sets to establish the five basic needs that every one human needs to live a fulfilled life and works with the client to formulate a personal reality where these needs are consistently finding fulfillment.

Nick also has a background in working with athletes and coaches in achieving their best self through a career-based approach rooted in Sports Counseling. The skillset that Nick applies to his clients are also applied to his work with athletes, coaches, and other athletic staff. When working with athletes, Nick focuses on the basic need for fulfillment in sports and the mental side to competitive play at the youth, high school, college, and professional levels. While addressing the mental side of sport, Nick works with the athlete through mental training to prepare the athlete to perform at their highest level without the fear of failing or comparison to others. Nick also works with coaches on understanding the style of coaching and how to connect with their athletes on a deeper level while maintaining their individuality in sport. Nick tries to make himself readily available for athletes that need him in the moment and can do mental training on the sidelines or via telehealth.

Please contact Nick if you would like to have a consultation to see if you might be a good fit.

Note about insurance: Orlando Thrive Therapy, Coaching, and Counseling is a self-pay practice, so we do not bill insurance directly. Nick's rates are based on the services you receive and will be discussed during your initial consultation. Payment is due at the time of the session.

What to Expect

When scheduling your first session, you will be sent a link to complete electronic paperwork. The first session will focus on Nick getting to know you, you getting to know Nick, and establishing goals for the course of the sessions. This will provide a guideline that can be followed by both Nick and you but can be changed at any point. Nick prides himself on proving a safe space and empowering environment to you regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. He will promote only support, compassion, and absolute respect for you and the goals that you have during each session.


Nick’s rates for a 50-minute session can vary based on the need of the client. His skillset will surpass that of any other counselor. A guarantee from Nick will be the receiving of the highest quality of care during the session and access to an array of therapeutic interventions.

Nicholas' Clinical Background

Nicholas A. DiGianivittorio, Jr. received his Master’s in the Arts in Clinical Mental Health and Counseling from Immaculata University. Nick worked as an Intensive Case Manager and as a Therapeutic Support Staff while pursuing his professional degree in mental health. Nick also worked as an Intern Outpatient Counselor at a private practice during his clinical rotation. During this time, Nick became more confident with his expertise as being a Reality Therapist and using it to unlock a client’s deepest potential and improve self-image while working through any dilemma an individual was experiencing. Nick is always correlating his passion for mental health into his work with clients and allowing them to build a reality suited for themselves. His work with married and relational counseling is about opening up a bridge of communication and reigniting the support they felt at the start of the relationship. His passion is allowing you to promote a positive self-image of the self and to be able to be proud of yourself leading to a fulfilled and happy life.

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