Katelyn DearceAdmin Assistant

Katelyn Dearce

Katelyn Dearce is the Administrator Assistant at Orlando Thrive Therapy where she takes on the responsibilities for running and coordinating the day-to-day duties of the company. This often includes being the first point of contact for clients who are beginning their counseling journey with the practice. She specializes in educating each client on the types of therapy Orlando Thrive therapists offer and ensuring each client is matched with the best therapist for them.

Katelyn is passionate about her work and glows with positivity. She enjoys helping others and taking the extra time to make personal connections with everyone she meets. Her hard work and dedication to the healthcare industry make her an invaluable asset to the Orlando Thrive Team.

Katelyn is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Health Care Administration at Seminole State College in Florida. Her dream has always been to work in healthcare, offering support and helping healthcare teams thrive!

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