Courtney is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Qualified Supervisor in the state of Florida and is EMDR trained. She works with individuals of all gender identities and specializes in working with women who have experienced trauma. She works exclusively at Orlando Thrive Therapy, Coaching, and Counseling and sees clients exclusively at the Winter Park location.

Who Courtney Works With + Courtney's Approach

Courtney Fyvolent

Courtney has extensive experience helping those with a tendency to engage in people-pleasing and frequent numbing/distracting behaviors which a person often experiences when dealing with past attachment wounding.

Courtney specializes in helping individuals heal from past trauma and emotional wounds, with expertise in assisting women in healing from emotionally abusive and dismissive relationships from childhood. Courtney will assist you in working toward a healthy and personalized recovery process based on your own specific needs. Through her understanding of attachment and the use of EMDR therapy for attachment-based trauma, she will help you to identify and disrupt painful relational patterns and cycles with the goal of increasing your confidence and helping you in reducing anxiety, and building healthy and fulfilling relationships.

Courtney brings her professional experience of over 10 years in the field of mental health along with her own life experience and regular engagement in additional training, in order to treat feelings of anxiety and discontent and shift relational patterns that may be negatively impacting current relationships and other important aspects of a person’s daily functioning. Courtney will work with you to identify underlying maladaptive beliefs and will assist you in becoming more grounded and helping you to truly enjoy your life. Courtney believes that the process of therapy involves uncovering the best aspects of ourselves that are often clouded by fear and negative core beliefs that may be keeping us stuck engaging in these damaging relational cycles and numbing behaviors. She will work alongside you in order to uncover what you already have inside of you to live the life you want to live now no matter what has happened in your past.

Please contact Courtney to find out more about her approach and to schedule an intake appointment and get started today.

Note about insurance: Orlando Thrive Therapy, Coaching, and Counseling is a self-pay practice, so we do not accept insurance. Courtney's rates are based on the services you receive and will be discussed during your initial consultation. Payment is due at the time of the session.

What to Expect

When scheduling your first session, you will be sent a link to complete HIPPA compliant paperwork through an electronic portal. The first session will focus on Courtney getting to know you so she can conduct a thoughtful assessment that will help you define goals for your counseling experience. Courtney considers it a privilege to be an auxiliary participant in your personal and intimate journey toward self-empowerment and recovery and facilitates this journey along with you by encouraging emotional self-awareness, recognition and modification of cognitive behavioral patterns, and identification of ineffective core belief systems which are oftentimes outside of our own awareness. Courtney looks forward to earning your trust in challenging and changing the current state of your relationships with others and with our most important relationship - relationship with self.


Courtney's rates for a 50-90 minute session can vary based on the need of the client or couple. Her skill set and experience offer a great level of expertise to the clients she serves. Orlando Thrive Therapy does not bill insurance and payment is expected at the start of each session. Discount package rates are available and can be discussed during your first appointment.

Courtney’s Clinical Background

Courtney Fyvolent holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg and a Masters of Arts degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Courtney has a background in community mental health care working in both inpatient and outpatient settings and several years of experience working with substance abuse and helping people to stay in active recovery. Courtney has worked extensively with older adolescents and adults to help them to overcome substantial difficulties and to create healthy and thriving relationships with themselves and others. Courtney found her calling in the outpatient setting in the private practice sector and has developed a great passion over the years for helping clients to heal emotional wounds in order to re-engage fully in life and relationships in order to achieve personal fulfillment.

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