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Anxiety Therapy

How To Stop Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the leading reasons people seek help for mental health or physical issues. Anxiety is a by-product of stress. Most people do not know how to recognize the early signs of stress and become negatively impacted by anxiety. This can range from mental fatigue or irritability to panic attacks. Anxiety therapy and CBT are proven techniques that can help reduce stres...

Offering Sympathy After a Death

Everyone reacts to the death of a loved one differently. Each time that a loved one passes away is a unique experience. If someone that you know has just suffered a death, then here are some things you might want to keep in mind. ...

Take Time for Yourself

Almost everyone feels occasionally pressured to do things for someone else that they would prefer not to do. Some people find themselves doing so many things for other people that they never take time for themselves. When they have finally had enough, then they feel guilty for telling someone no. It is vital to take time for yourself, or you will get worn out and be worthless ...

Is Your Thinking Distorted?

Almost everyone experiences distorted thinking at one time or another. Simply put, distorted thinking can be defined as negative thought patterns that fuel negative emotions. While they are very common, the trick is to recognize when you are experienced distorted thinking so that you can change the way that you are thinking. Here are some common examples of distorted thinking ...

5 Counseling Theories You May Recognize

Many people refuse to seek individual counseling when they may really benefit from it because they have tried it in the past and it did not work for them. If you are one of these people, then your counselor may have been trained in a counseling theory that was not right for you. Therefore, you may still benefit from individual counseling in Orlando. Learning to recognize the m...

Finding Meaning in Individual Counseling Orlando

Existential Counseling As human beings, we are meaning-making machines. We seek out meaning about our trauma, broken relationships, loss, and inadequacies. Existential counseling in Orlando is a theory utilized by many therapists. It is concerned with the dilemma that humans are meaning-seeking by nature, however, we live in an inherently meaningless worl...

Healing in Individual Counseling

Seeking Mental Health Treatment You know how important it is to look after your physical health. For example, if you break an arm, you’ll probably go to the doctor right away. But what about mental health? Oftentimes, individuals neglect their mental health for various reasons. For one, it may not be as obvious that something is wrong because you can’t ...

Divorce Counseling in Orlando

Conscious Uncoupling

Divorce counseling in Orlando is an alternative to the typical break-up and paves way for conscious uncoupling. Going through a divorce or a break-up causes anxiety and sadness like you have never felt before. When you first got married or into a relationship, you probably wished you had a manual for how to navigate things. The same is true for what to do when a relationship e...

5 Tips To Accomplishing Any Goal

Overcoming The Myth Of Willpower

How many times have you started something and then failed? You have the best intentions and you set it all up right, but you just couldn’t stay the course. Maybe it was a diet, sticking to an exercise plan, learning a new language, paying off debt, etc. When you don’t succeed, you question your willpower and think you are a failure. Is it really your fault or are y...

Building Happiness Through Wellness

The 8 Steps It Takes To Find Happy

Why is happiness so elusive? Happiness is like a flower. You must tend to it with the right amount of water and sunshine for it to grow. It can often be mistaken for an effortless state of contentment, but in actuality- your happiness requires work. Unfortunately, there is no quick-fix. Counseling in Orlando offers support and strategies to help you achieve happine...

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