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Anxiety Therapy

anxiety psychotherapy orlando

I have come to realize that anxiety is something that we all experience, but the rate at which we feel symptoms is different for everyone. The symptoms of anxiety will spin you up and make you feel like you have lost your mind. In the 10 years that I have been practicing psychotherapy, I have seen countless highly successful, established people who have struggled desperately with the crippling effects of anxiety. It became a passion of mine to research what causes anxiety, how to stop it, and the most effective strategies for eliminating it.

Your first appointment will include an assessment and evaluation of your anxiety symptoms. We will talk in depth about the origination of your anxiety, how it has been negatively impacting you, and what methods you have been trying that haven’t worked. Then I will explain to you the process by which CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) works for anxiety and we will come up with an action plan.

What types of anxiety does therapy help with?

anxiety psychotherapy orlando
Types of Anxiety
  • Social Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • Performance and Test Anxiety
  • Relationship or Dating Anxiety
  • Health Anxiety
  • OCD (Obsessive thoughts or repeating behaviors)
  • Negative Thought Loops
  • Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD)
  • Chronic Worry or Fear
  • Physical Anxiety Symptoms
  • Any Anxiety You Can’t Control

How fast does anxiety therapy work?

anxiety psychotherapy orlando
In anxiety psychotherapy, the speed at how quickly you find relief depends on several factors.
  • When your anxiety developed,
  • What the root causes are,
  • Your ability to accept feedback and information,
  • How well you use the self-help assignments during and between sessions,
  • Your ability to trust in the process,
  • How open you are to change,
  • Your willingness to show up for the work and experience the change.
anxiety psychotherapy orlando

Anxiety Therapy for Women and Men

anxiety psychotherapy orlando

Ready for Change

Women and men experience anxiety symptoms in the same ways. Anxiety doesn’t discriminate against gender and the feelings can be debilitating to the point that you question yourself. It can be getting in the way of your success at work, your relationships with others, and your ability to function to your highest potential. While you may even be coping quite well, I would challenge you to start imagining a life that is better than “well.” There is a future for you without anxiety and it is within your reach.

Anxiety Therapy Helps

I will walk you through the process and the work that it takes to change how anxiety affects you. As a licensed psychotherapist, with an added Anxiety Specialist certification from the NACBT, I provide expertise and experience for anxiety relief. The time we spend together during sessions will be interactive, instructive, and be action oriented. Each time you will leave with new skills and a greater sense of hope. Watching the dark cloud of anxiety finally leave my clients is one of my greatest pleasures!


anxiety psychotherapy orlando

My practice is “Fee for Service,” and payment is expected at the beginning of your scheduled service. Fees are tailored to specific services and the length of service. During our phone conversation, I will discuss the fees related to the services you are interested in scheduling. Pre-paid Service Packages are available at a discounted rate. If you are interested in filing a claim with your insurance company for your direct reimbursement for your paid therapy service, I can provide you with a paid invoice for you to attach. Service Package fees are not applicable in this case.

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